Eric Ellenbrook

Hi. I'm Eric Ellenbrook and, as the title says, I create websites for people like you. I usually spend my time between my Freelance work at Detroit Web Design and my other company Maid to Clean Detroit - A Downtown Detroit Maid Service. Both of those businesses take up that majority of my time I wouldn't have it any other way!

Some of the smaller projects I maintain. (Or created and have been too busy to keep up with!)
jQuery Scroll Distance Detection

This plugin keeps track of the distance a user has scrolled in a document and allows you to slide in, fade in, and pop up some sort of HTML element. It's useful for "Back to top" links, social media slide in containers for blog posts, and more.

WikiHover Chrome Extension

WikiHover is a Chrome extension that removes all of the hassle from reading Wikipedia articles. Instead of being lost in a sea of tabs of pages and terms you don't quite understand, you can simply hover over the link and read a brief description of the article.

My non-developer life

When I'm away from the computer, the thing that I enjoy the most is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I am a blue belt and I've been training for over two years. In that time I've dropped 40 pounds, gained a lot of confidence, and learned the hard work that it takes to succeed.